Tips and things to do nearby — B&B A Casa di Ita
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So much to see and do,
whatever the weather

A Casa di Ita is a quiet place, close to many pleasant and popular destinations. Just ask for advice if you want to have a drink or go for dinner, or if you want to visit the best places around the city. Treviso has been described as ‘gioiosa and amorosa’ (lovable and joyful) in an old poem. Take your time, Treviso and the surrounding areas have so much to offer.


You can explore the city by bicycle or even on foot. Don’t miss the fish market (Pescheria), get lost in the tiny alleys of the historic centre, admire the facades of the old palaces, enjoy a glass (ombra) of red or white wine in the many bars of the city. If you feel adventurous, the cycling routes along the river Sile provide a great opportunity to explore the green areas around the city.

Treviso Sile River - A Casa di Ita

This dreamlike city is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. There are so many different ways to explore it: we would suggest simply getting lost in its maze of streets (calli) and squares (campi). You will bump into many wine bars (osterie) off the beaten track. Just let your instinct and curiosity guide you.

Venice - A Casa di Ita
The Prosecco hills

Earmarked to soon become part of the Unesco protected heritage, these enchanted hills, full of vineyards and fruit orchards, seem suspended in time. From Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, this area provides ample opportunity to visit renowned wineries and family-run little restaurants (trattorie).

Prosecco Valdobbiadene Hills - A Casa di Ita
Asolo and the Ville Venete

Ranked amongst the most beautiful towns in Italy, Asolo is a little gem on top of a verdant hill just before the Alps mountain range. In nearby Maser you can visit Villa Barbaro, one of Andrea Palladio’s architectural masterpieces, with amazing frescoes by Paolo Veronese. Another Palladian building worth visiting is Villa Emo in Fanzolo.

Villa Barbaro Maser - A Casa di Ita
Sport and nature

People in Treviso are really passionate about spot and outdoor activities. The nearby hills (Montello, the Asolo area, the Prosecco hills) provide many opportunities for day-trips and long walks. A short distance away there is also the new Munich Venice that closes the gap in Alpine crossings in the eastern Alps, and connects Germany’s southern-most metropolis with Italy’s lagoon pearl at the Adriatic.

A few minutes away from the B&B there are also important sports facilities such as 0422 Padel Club for playing padel, but also tennis courts and a swimming pool.

Skiing and Winter sports - A Casa di Ita
Guided Tours

Centro Guide e Servizi Turistici mainly works in Treviso and in the Province where authorized tour guides and tour representatives offer guided visits. More information: